Tuesday, 11 May 2010

#12 We like soccer and we don't care who knows.

ESPN, the huge American sports network, has decided that 2010 is the year America will fall in love with 'soccer'.

Next month, the Fifa World Cup will compete with the NBA and NHL playoffs, golf's US Open, and Wimbledon for sports fans' attentions. Putting soccer at centre stage seems a bold move, then.

I have nothing clever to say on this topic. Time will tell, I suppose (though a soccer 'boom' over here has been predicted again and again). I'm mentioning it because I wanted to feature two every different parts of ESPN's business.

The first image is mock up of a mural, a series of which are being painted around South Africa, to encourage interest in the World Cup. (This particular example was chosen for obvious reasons.)

The second is part of a series of photographs of NFL player Greg Jones we did at the studio for ESPN magazine - the first complete project I worked on here.

Bottom image © Howard Schatz

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