Thursday, 1 April 2010

#5 I'm leaving.

Nah, just kidding. April fooling and all that. I thought, for once, I'd actually write about photography.

I started work a week ago now. This week there were two big projects. Firstly, we photographed some kiddywinks as part of the 'Growing Up Project'. The idea is to document childhood by photographing a cohort of children once a year. Some of them came under the spotlight when they were bumps (literally: Howard has done a series of pregnancy studies), and have stayed there for a decade or more. You can see some of the pictures here.

Secondly, we photographed a young gentleman by the name of Greg Jones for the good people at ESPN Magazine. He is a man of terrifying proportions: 255 pounds, 6'1", with a wild tangle of dreadlocks. He has just signed an $18 million contract for the next few years, apparently. He was chosen for this feature because he is exquisitely muscled. G-dawg (I didn't call him this to his face very much) had none of the swagger that you might expect such potency and wealth would afford you; he was modest. Meek. Sheepish. Pliant.

Anyway, it was all very cool, not least the fantastic breakfast and lunch spreads that come with client work. Let us hope Howard abandons all this fine art shit and carries on photographing athletes and actors.

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